Disease Type Disease Class Semantic Type N. genes d N. SNPs d Score gda EL gda EI gda N. PMIDs N. SNPs gda First Ref. Last Ref.
CUI: C0497247
Disease: Increase in blood pressure
Increase in blood pressure
phenotype Finding 173 14 0.100 0
CUI: C0085298
Disease: Sudden Cardiac Death
Sudden Cardiac Death
phenotype Cardiovascular Diseases; Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms Pathologic Function 49 2 0.100 0
CUI: C0085096
Disease: Peripheral Vascular Diseases
Peripheral Vascular Diseases
group Cardiovascular Diseases Disease or Syndrome 77 3 0.100 0
CUI: C4531019
Disease: Arterial disease of legs
Arterial disease of legs
disease Disease or Syndrome 12 0.100 0
CUI: C0038002
Disease: Splenomegaly
phenotype Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms Finding 246 3 0.100 0
CUI: C0035067
Disease: Renal Artery Stenosis
Renal Artery Stenosis
disease Cardiovascular Diseases; Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications; Male Urogenital Diseases Disease or Syndrome 21 0.100 0
CUI: C1848486
Disease: Premature arteriosclerosis
Premature arteriosclerosis
disease Disease or Syndrome 9 0.100 0
CUI: C1855853
Disease: Impaired platelet aggregation
Impaired platelet aggregation
phenotype Finding 11 0.100 0
CUI: C0023895
Disease: Liver diseases
Liver diseases
group Digestive System Diseases Disease or Syndrome 605 26 0.100 0
CUI: C1859495
Disease: Episodic hemolytic anemia
Episodic hemolytic anemia
phenotype Finding 2 0.100 0
Abnormality of internal carotid artery
phenotype Anatomical Abnormality 6 0.100 0
CUI: C1387532
Disease: Chronic hemolytic anemia
Chronic hemolytic anemia
disease Disease or Syndrome 14 2 0.100 0
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
disease Disease or Syndrome 35 0.100 0
CUI: C0549399
Disease: Low density lipoprotein increased
Low density lipoprotein increased
phenotype Finding 12 0.100 0
CUI: C0553982
Disease: Impaired left ventricular function
Impaired left ventricular function
phenotype Finding 21 0.100 0
Familial hypercholesterolemia - homozygous
disease Disease or Syndrome 7 0.300 0
Giant platelet (morphologic abnormality)
phenotype Finding 7 0.100 0
CUI: C0595929
Disease: Serum cholesterol raised
Serum cholesterol raised
phenotype Finding 29 0.100 0
CUI: C0677598
Disease: Stomatocytosis Result
Stomatocytosis Result
phenotype Laboratory or Test Result 9 0.100 0
CUI: C0687713
Disease: Gastrointestinal pain
Gastrointestinal pain
phenotype Sign or Symptom 139 0.100 0
CUI: C0232487
Disease: Abdominal discomfort
Abdominal discomfort
phenotype Sign or Symptom 137 0.100 0
CUI: C0206160
Disease: Reticulocytosis
phenotype Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms Finding 25 0.100 0
CUI: C0750145
Disease: Occlusive vascular disease
Occlusive vascular disease
disease Disease or Syndrome 16 0.100 0
CUI: C0023212
Disease: Left-Sided Heart Failure
Left-Sided Heart Failure
disease Cardiovascular Diseases Disease or Syndrome 125 0.100 0
CUI: C0020538
Disease: Hypertensive disease
Hypertensive disease
group Cardiovascular Diseases Disease or Syndrome 1309 447 0.100 0