CUI Disease Type Disease Class Semantic type DO Class HPO Term Num. genes Num. SNPs
C0005890 Body Height phenotype Organism Attribute 1903 3972
C2985280 Blood Protein Measurement phenotype Laboratory Procedure 1156 2575
C1305855 Body mass index phenotype Clinical Attribute 1014 2689
C0596887 mathematical ability phenotype Mental Process 854 2126
C0871470 Systolic Pressure phenotype Clinical Attribute 843 1931
C0014772 Red Blood Cell Count measurement phenotype Laboratory Procedure 685 1141
C0023467 Leukemia, Myelocytic, Acute disease Neoplasms Neoplastic Process disease of anatomical entity; disease of cellular proliferation Abnormality of the immune system; Neoplasm; Abnormality of blood and blood-forming tissues 667 6523
C0021704 Intelligence phenotype Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms Mental Process 643 2089
C1261502 Finding of Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin phenotype Finding 633 1159
C0023508 White Blood Cell Count procedure phenotype Laboratory Procedure 623 1003
C0200638 Eosinophil count procedure phenotype Laboratory Procedure 607 1133
C0427460 Red cell distribution width determination phenotype Laboratory Procedure 593 988
C1304746 RDW - Red blood cell distribution width result phenotype Laboratory or Test Result 593 988
C0036341 Schizophrenia disease Mental Disorders Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction disease of mental health Abnormality of the nervous system 578 1433
C0410702 Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis disease Musculoskeletal Diseases Anatomical Abnormality 578 1158
C1837461 SCOLIOSIS, ISOLATED, SUSCEPTIBILITY TO, 3 disease Finding 578 1158
C0205682 Waist-Hip Ratio phenotype Organism Attribute 562 1128
C0428883 Diastolic blood pressure phenotype Clinical Attribute 507 1037
C0042834 Vital capacity phenotype Clinical Attribute 430 746
C0017654 Glomerular Filtration Rate phenotype Diagnostic Procedure 399 1031
C0037369 Smoking phenotype Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms Individual Behavior disease of mental health 391 765
C1269683 Major Depressive Disorder disease Mental Disorders Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction disease of mental health 374 963
C0392885 High density lipoprotein measurement phenotype Laboratory Procedure 353 951
C0011860 Diabetes Mellitus, Non-Insulin-Dependent disease Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases; Endocrine System Diseases Disease or Syndrome disease of metabolism Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of the endocrine system 353 844
C0202236 Triglycerides measurement phenotype Laboratory Procedure 324 837