Gene Score gda Association Type Type Original DB Sentence supporting the association PMID PMID Year
Entrez Id: 54821
Gene Symbol: ERCC6L
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Further, gene expression microarray analysis followed by the validating western blot after knocking down ERCC6L expression in 786-O cells highlighted the involvement of MAPK signaling pathway in regulation of ERCC6L on cellular process of RCC. 30459398 2019
Entrez Id: 8671
Gene Symbol: SLC4A4
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE MiR-223-3p promotes cell proliferation and metastasis by downregulating SLC4A4 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. 30668544 2019
Entrez Id: 100507098
Gene Symbol: ADAMTS9-AS2
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE Both overexpressed ADAMTS9-AS2 and underexpressed miR-27a-3p in ccRCC cell lines led to the inhibition of cell proliferation and the reduction of chemoresistance. 31400752 2019
Entrez Id: 5308
Gene Symbol: PITX2
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Data mining correlated elevated PITX2 in >30% of cancers analyzed, maximally in colon (4.4-fold), confirmed in co-immunostaining of colon and renal cancer microarrays wherein ABCB1 concomitantly increased in RCC. 30742940 2019
Entrez Id: 3340
Gene Symbol: NDST1
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE Five genes were identified significantly differentially expressed in CCRCC and associated with their survival time, namely: IDUA, NDST1, SAP30L, CRYBA4, and SI. 30820959 2019
Entrez Id: 1356
Gene Symbol: CP
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE Importantly, CP expression correlates with sensitivity to PAX8 silencing and identifies a subset of RCC cases with poor survival. 31431624 2019
Entrez Id: 2788
Gene Symbol: GNG7
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE We found that GNG7 was downregulated in ccRCC tissues and negatively associated with overall survival in ccRCC patients. 30945310 2019
Entrez Id: 948
Gene Symbol: CD36
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE CD36 expression revealed no correlation with the clinicopathologic parameters of RCC. 31089396 2019
Entrez Id: 494330
Gene Symbol: MIR381
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE Quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) assay was employed to examine miR-381 expression in the ccRCC tissues and the associated adjacent tissues (the normal tissues adjacent to tumor tissues). 31299041 2019
Entrez Id: 5873
Gene Symbol: RAB27A
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE RAB27A is an independent prognostic factor in CCRCC. 30661368 2019
Entrez Id: 1813
Gene Symbol: DRD2
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE High DRD2 protein expression on tumour cells was observed in 48% of pheochromocytomas, and DRD1 expression ranged from 14% in melanoma to 57% in renal cell carcinoma. 31478179 2019
Entrez Id: 3609
Gene Symbol: ILF3
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE In summary, our results indicate that the ERp57/STAT3/ILF3 feedback loop plays a key role in the oncogenesis of ccRCC and provides a potential therapeutic target for ccRCC treatment. 31747963 2019
Entrez Id: 5716
Gene Symbol: PSMD10
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Gankyrin served as an independent prognostic factor for RCC patients even after multivariable adjustment by clinical variables. 30558998 2019
Entrez Id: 4174
Gene Symbol: MCM5
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE MCM5 was significantly overexpressed in RCC tissues; this outcome was confirmed by the Oncomine database, IHC and Western blotting. 31190295 2019
Entrez Id: 2103
Gene Symbol: ESRRB
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Orphan nuclear receptor COUP-TFII is an oncogenic gene in renal cell carcinoma. 31368079 2019
Entrez Id: 2078
Gene Symbol: ERG
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Three novel fusions were identified: a complex rearrangement involving three genes (EWSR1/RBFOX2/ERG) in Ewing sarcoma, a EWSR1/TCF7L2 fusion in a colon adenocarcinoma, and a EWSR1/TFEB fusion in a translocation-associated renal cell carcinoma. 31430493 2019
Entrez Id: 677779
Gene Symbol: LINC00488
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE We demonstrated the biological function of these lncRNAs in ccRCC cell lines and found that LINC00488 and HOTTIP promoted tumour proliferation and inhibited apoptosis. 31351427 2019
Entrez Id: 1117
Gene Symbol: CHI3L2
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE M2 Macrophage Marker Chitinase 3-Like 2 (CHI3L2) Associates With Progression of Conventional Renal Cell Carcinoma. 31810965 2019
Entrez Id: 10148
Gene Symbol: EBI3
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE In addition, <i>AURKB</i> might regulate progression of ccRCC through modulating intestinal immune network for IgA production and cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction, etc. signaling pathways. 31576249 2019
Entrez Id: 339896
Gene Symbol: GADL1
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE The 90th percentile ADC generated the highest AUC (AUC, 0.854; Sensitivity, 78.8%; Specificity, 81.5%) for differentiating MFAML from ccRCC. 30087067 2019
Entrez Id: 5831
Gene Symbol: PYCR1
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE The expression of PYCR1 mRNA and protein was significantly upregulated in RCC compared with that in paired normal renal tissues (P < .01). 31305441 2019
Entrez Id: 1000
Gene Symbol: CDH2
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE The expression of circ_000926, miR-411, and cadherin 2 (CDH2) was up-regulated or down-regulated in RCC cells to unearth their effects on the biological behaviors of RCC cells. circ_000926 was highly expressed in RCC tissues and cell lines, whereas CDH2 was verified to be a target of miR-411. 31476285 2019
Entrez Id: 7503
Gene Symbol: XIST
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Our study exhibits the role of XIST as a miRNA sponge in RCC and supports the potential application of XIST in RCC therapy. 30717973 2019
Entrez Id: 344758
Gene Symbol: GPR149
0.010 Biomarker disease BEFREE Collectively, the present study proposed that the novel methylation markers ZNF492 and GPR149 could be independent prognostic indicators in patients with ccRCC. 31115548 2019
Entrez Id: 2444
Gene Symbol: FRK
0.010 AlteredExpression disease BEFREE Low expression of FRK was detected in ccRCC samples and predicted poor survival for ccRCC patients. 31043790 2019